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And we danced all night to the fiddle and the banjo, those drifting tunes seemed to fill the air, so long ago but I still remember how we fell in love at the Country Fair
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697 plays SHITMACHINE! Days N' Daze Days N' Daze//Broken Bow Split


Fail it ‘til you nail it
If you don’t got pitch that’s fine
What we’ve got we’ll share it
'Cause you can't take life so seriously all the time
Wake up and play beyond the fence

Days n’ Daze have a new album out! It’s a split with Broken Bow, and it’s incredible.

509 plays For a Girl in Rhinelander, WI Wingnut Dishwashers Union Burn the Earth, Leave it Behind


Well there’s a girl in Rhinelander who needs Kathleen Hanna 

'cause she doesn't think that girls can sing rock 'n' roll songs.

probably hoppin the freights and heading out west soon.. lemme know if you’re out that way and wanna hang a bit.