first 4 mosquito bites of the year, i love it!!!!!

A writer is a world trapped in a person.
Victor Hugo (via uh-huh-shes-alive)

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She has made the ideal bookstore of her own imagination into a place where you can actually come and buy books.
The Bookshop Strikes Back by Ann Patchett (via treesofreverie)
Do it now, honestly dont think about anything and do it .. because in 2 years, 2 months or even in 2 hours it wont even matter.
HELLA TRUE (via mistfolly)
'And everybody talks and sings and drones and phones and gossips about love, but no one tells you how to practice it, you know?' she sips her cocktail, 'like you hate, so you hurt—you're sad, you cry—you're horny, you fuck—but you love,' she pauses, 'and what? what do you do?'
Graveyard Gravity, Brothel Poetry (via hush-syrup)